Smart Power

Not only have we been working behind the scenes to give Public Power a fresh new look, but to also provide you with the tools you need to conserve energy costs.  Public Power's Smart Power program gives you exactly that.


public-power-services-smart-thermostats  Smart Thermostats

Smart Si

Coming home earlier than planned? No worries, Smart Si will make sure you’ll return to a cozy home. Enjoy lower heating and cooling costs without compromising your comfort.



Ordinary thermostats read the temperature in one room (usually the hallway)
which can make other rooms uncomfortable. The ecobee3 works with wireless
remote sensors. By knowing which rooms are occupied, ecobee3 makes smarter
heating and cooling decisions, delivering more comfort when you’re home and
savings when you’re away.



public-power-services-critical-power-events  Critical Power Events

Public Power constantly monitors weather patterns and energy usage across the state. When there is a crisis on the grid, Public Power will alert you requesting that you reduce your consumption. These Critical Power Events are a risk-free, voluntary Demand Response program that helps prevent blackouts and saves money too!


public-power-services-weekly-usage-reports Weekly Usage Reports


Part of the Smart Power program is the delivery of free weekly usage email
reports that provide details of your electric usage measured through your
Smart Meter. You can use these reports to learn at what times you
consume the most electricity and to obtain a better understanding of how
outside temperatures correlate with your usage consumption. This will help
you better understand how to manage your consumption habits and keep
your electric usage down. If you do not have a smart meter, Public Power
provides an analog usage report per billing read.

monthly scorecard  Monthly Score Cards (coming soon)


Public Power provides a free monthly digital energy audit (ScoreCard) through
WeatherBug® Home. These ScoreCards provide insight into your home’s energy
efficiency to evaluate how well your home withstands the elements, with a customized
virtual energy audit, comparison to similar homes and forecast for the next month.
How does your energy use compare to similar neighbors? What is driving your
energy use? How could you reduce your bill? WeatherBug® Home answers all
these and more!